UK Open Riichi Tournament 2016


How to get to Cambridge

By Plane

Getting to Cambridge by plane is a fairly easy task. In order of preference, you can get here from:

Stansted Airport

This is the easiest (and quickest) approach. Stansted Airport is about 40 minutes from Cambridge by direct train to Cambridge train station (see below for information about how to get to the venue from the station).

Heathrow Airport

It is a surprisingly easy journey from Heathrow to Cambridge train station. Heathrow is about 2 hours from Cambridge by train. Simply take the London Underground (Piccadilly Line (blue)) to King's Cross Station (this takes about 56 minutes), and then take the direct 'Cambridge Express' train to Cambridge (this takes about 47 minutes).

Gatwick Airport

This is a slightly more complicated journey to Cambridge train station, but Gatwick is also about 2 hours from Cambridge by train. There are plenty of different routes, and I would recommend asking Google Maps what the best one happens to be when you are arriving.

Luton Airport

Despite being quite close to Cambridge, Luton Airport is a bit more tricky, as there is no direct rail link. It usually takes about 1.5 hours to get to Cambridge from Luton Airport. The best way to get from Luton to Cambridge using public transport is to take a bus to Stevenage from the airport (taking about 35 minutes), and then taking a train from there to Cambridge train station (taking about 45 minutes).

By Car

It is easiest to get to Chesterton from the A14, rather than by going through Cambridge, so if you are coming from the South, I would recommend heading up the M11 and along the A14, exiting at either the Histon or Milton junctions.

There are a few parking spaces at the venue. If those are taken, the next closest place to park would be in Church Street. You may be able to find space in other side-streets near the venue. If all else fails, you are welcome to park in Pearl Close (where the tournament organiser lives).

By Train

Cambridge is one stop away from London King's Cross Station by direct express train (about 47 minutes). Alternatively, trains also leave for Cambridge from London Liverpool Street Station (but these tend to take longer). You can also take direct trains from Birmingham to Cambridge (if you have a lot of time on your hands), but it is actually quicker (but perhaps more expensive) to go via London.

By Coach

Most coaches to Cambridge stop at or near Cambridge Bus Station on Drummer Street. From there you could take bus to the venue (as above).

How to get to the venue

From the train station

From the train station you basically have three choices:


This will take about 33 minutes. I would recommend this route.


There is no direct bus, however the Citi 3, Citi 2 and Busway B all get you fairly close. They will take about as long as walking (about 33 minutes), and the buses in Cambridge are pretty awful at keeping to any sort of schedule. Additionally, the buses are quite bad at dealing with returning to the station on Sunday evening (as the timetables show).


There are plenty of taxis outside the station, and they will happily take you to St. Andrew's Hall for about £7. This will take about 10 minutes (or a bit more if there is traffic).

From the town centre/bus station

Again, you have three choices here:


This will take about 24 minutes. I would recommend this route, which is quite nice.


The Citi 2 is the clear winner here. This leaves from St. Andrew's Street (near the main bus station), and takes about 9 minutes to get to the nearest stop (opposite Chesterton Road on Chesterton High Street, or the stop after that opposite Church Street).


There are plenty of taxi ranks near to the bus station, and on St. Andrew's Street. A taxi from the city centre will again be about £7. This will again take about 10 minutes (or more if there is traffic, which is less likely than from the train station).