UK Open Riichi Tournament 2016

Candidates for 'Best Hand'

33Jonathan Harker48000YesFour closed pons, tsumo while in furiten!
42Hong Li48000Yes4 closed pons (with a closed kan) - my first yakuman! :)
84Sonia Yagi32300No13 orphans (with a dora!)
53Selina Steck32000NoChiihou, last hand of the hanchan!
19Hong Li18900YesShousangen (little dragons, all outside hand, half flush)
73Martin Lester18000Yes66678s678p667788m winning on a 6-man self-drawn while furiten from 9-man
14Thomas Hanrahan12000NoWent from last to second on the final hand of the hanchan with riichi, ippatsu, etc.
22Christopher Rowe12000NoRyankeiikou, middle wait for dora, ron + tanyao, riichi
73Timur Hahn12000NoHouitsu going out on a kan replacement 1234569mnnnnsss
26Max Bowsher9600YesWin from Gemma (115566m6688pFF9s) for Max (44m44sNNWW33p99sF?) waiting for last F, with him having both 9s, which was also dora. Picture available!
54Michael Donaghy8000NoRiichi, seven pairs, honroutou, ww1199s1199pRR11m
39James Green0NoJames had an 'interesting' hand - it didn't win. It was super-cool, etc.